2007 11th Annual Big Bird
Dean Obayashi flying his ZeroDeans Zero after another successful flight
Bob Hill 
Ron Elliots usual casual summer attireHCF Windsock, a resurrected Grumman MallardNoon Line UpDave Collis and his 1/2 scale SpacewalkerGreg SimpsonPaul Dranfield and PT17Chris "Sparky"Jones with the StingerNigel Tarvin and the Lougheed VegaDan IdornDennis RogalskiOur MC Ernie KiddPeter BuurmanDennis Rogalski and the ChipmonkWayne JudsonNigel TarvinJim GardinDean Obayashi and his ZeroDennis Rogalski and the U Can Do 3DPaul Dranfield with his ChipmonkSparky and his Cub