Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to buy an airplane right away?  I'd like to try it first before I  spend any money.

Our club has two training aircraft ready for you to learn on.  Our instructors will teach you the basics and if  you want to continue in the hobby.  They would be pleased to help you pick out the right equipment.

Is it expensive to get into the hobby?

Like many other hobbies, you can spend a little or a lot of money. It usually costs the beginner between
$150 and  $400 Canadian for new equipment.  Many of our club members are moving up or into different areas of the hobby and 2nd hand equipment can be purchased.  It is suggested that you not purchase 2nd hand equipment unless you have someone familiar with current RC equipment take a look at it. Technology changes very quickly in this hobby especially with the electronics (radios) and engines.  

Can I learn to fly by myself or do I need an instructor?

If you try to learn by yourself, expect a high crash rate. At HCF, we supply the training airplane, the                instructor, and the buddy box radio system. We also adhere to the MAAC "Wings Program"- a progressive method of learning how to fly and used across Canada.

What kind of an airplane should I start with?

Start with one specifically meant for beginners. Trainers are more forgiving and easier to fly. We suggest  you contact one of our club instructors to help you with your initial purchase

Where do I go to buy my airplane supplies?

There are 2 hobby shops in town- Interior Crafts and Interior RC Hobbies or there are a number of mail order houses such as Great Hobbies.You can also visit other web sites through our links page.

How do I find an Instructor?

We have instruction for beginners every Monday night between May and September. Check the list for which instructor is available on the particular Monday you are interested in. Call that instructor and let him know you want to fly. Instructors go up to the field if they know that someone will be there to learn.

Do I need any special insurance?

You do not need insurance while you are using a buddybox to learn to fly with one of our instructors,
 however,once you solo you are required required to belong to MAAC who supplies our insurance. For more information visit their web site  Model Aeronautics Association of  Canada. A special note for "Park flyers"
If you fly in an undesignated area, such as our local parks or soccer fields etc. you are not covered if you damage property or injure someone.  For further information we suggest you contact MAAC.  

I need help building my airplane, is here someone who can help me?

Various members of our club would love to help you. During the winter we have a building night which is listed on our "Activity Page

Is there a cost to belong to your club?

Annual dues are $40.00 Canadian per year with no initiation fee. Our club is highly active with community events and the success of these events is dependent on our members participation.

I don't have time to build an airplane but I would still like to fly, what can I do?

Today, the majority of entry level airplanes are offered in an almost ready to fly (ARF)  form. Again, contact one of our instructors and they will give you advice on what to look for when purchasing an ARF.

Does your club have regular meetings?

Our Club meets regularly on the 3rd Tuesday of the month except during the summer. check our activities  page for details of when and where Meetings interchange between business one month, and social activities the next.

I would like to fly helicopters, can you point me in the right direction?

We have members who fly helicopters, although their presence is small. We can put you in touch with the appropriate people.

Where is your field located?

Follow the Coquihalla Highway to the Logan Lake exit, we are on the left side on a portion of Morrison Ranch. See the map on the "About Our Club" page. 

I would like to get my son involved, at what age would you suggest he start?

It's not so much the age as the ability that matters. We've had an Eight year old flying the "Gremlin Combat Wing". 

Can Ladies Join?

Now hold on a second.........  Where would we be with out the ladies.  Our club is centered around flying and fun. Some of the ladies fly, some help, other watch and enjoy the entertainment. Some even help their husbands pick up the pieces.  They are a big part of our club.